Photo Gallery of Tasmanian Begents

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George Roslyn (1830-1916) and Esther Begent

Warwick Begent (son of George) 1877-1942

William Arthur Begent (with beard) b.1859
Bride is his daughter Annie Gertrude Begent b.1885
On Bride's left is Ellen May & right Doris Esther Begent

Warwick William Begent b.1914
Ernest Arthur Begent b.1916

Ella Georgina Begent 1904-1996

Irene Gladys Begent b.1914-1936

Beryl Austin Begent (Bob) b.1874

Frank Begent (Bob's son)

Horace (b.1877) and Kate Begent, c. 1915
with children Minnie, Arthur, Leonie, Jean, Jack, Bessie

Jack (1905-1979) and Mary Begent

Photos kindly provided by Lena Kimpton, Carole Begent and Meg (nee Begent) Daly
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