Photo Gallery of West London Begents

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Seated: Annie and Charles Begent (b.1854) with their children Mary (4) and Horace (1)
Standing: My great grandparents Henry John Begent (b.1860) and Hannah Begent
Hannah died in 1893 giving birth to James Henry Begent

Note: Photo taken in 1882. 118 years later the 3 wheeled buggy is back in fashion!!
Photo provided by Yvonne Andrews (nee Begent) daughter of Horace

Far left: James Henry Begent 1893-1955
Far right: John Bartlett Begent 1925-1994

John Bartlett Begent 1925-1994

Derek Francis Begent b.1945 with
daughters Katherine & Zoe

John Alan Begent b.1947


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