Games collection

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Go on ... Have fun with these classic games
Click on the graphic to select the game. Have patience while they load ....... Enjoy !!!

Noughts & Crosses
Tradional game of noughts and crosses (TicTactoe). See if you can beat the computer.
Pass the Pig
Roll the pigs to score points and beat the computer. Collect Trotters, Oinkers, Jowlers and Snouters but don't Pig Out
Breakout all of the blocks by moving the paddle so that the ball bounces back. If you miss you lose the ball.
Original Pacman fun. Gobble up the coins to move on to the next level and mind the ghosts don't catch you.
Simon Game

Repeat the sequence of colours and tones. See how far you can get to try and beat the computer.

Rush Hour

Move the cars and trucks to let the red beetle escape the traffic and reach the exit..

Tail Gunner
Shoot and destroy all of the oncoming enemy planes before they have a chance to attack you.
Torpedo Run
Control your submarine and blow up the ships in order to move onto the next level. Avoid the hospital ships and torpedoes.
Gopher Splat
Click on the gophers to splat them when they pop up. Miss too many and they will take over and you lose.
Tux the Penguin
Tux the penguin is a classic arcade game. Run and jump onto objects, collect coins and jump on the bad guys heads.

These games use Java and require a Java enabled browser