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Name - Emma
Who are all these strange people?
Splodge looks the most sensible one to me ..
Name - Celia O'Neill
CEA all approve and enjoyed reading. Could you include old photo of Smerdons with your idea of picture of ship to Australia. Also Marchant history and old photo? Perhaps Bob Eade and Robert and Amanda at Newcastle are connected to Internet so would be interested.......
Name - Mandy McWilliam
New additions (the archives) are most impressive - shall look forward to their completion. Good luck with the rest! Wouldn't Horace be amused/amazed to think he was splashed over the screens world-wide!!!
Name - Michael Smerdon
Simon! Greetings from down under to Splodge and the other family memebers!
Name - Françoise et Daniel
Bravo pour votre site !!!
Je n'étudie pas l'italien comme Eileen, je révise mon anglais, je vais partir pour Londres fin avril avec ma classe.
Nous vous donnerons de nos nouvelles bientôt.

Name - Jan and Andy Begent
Like the surname.
Any idea where it came from?
We are part of the Kent Begents who lived in the Ashford-Folkestone area in the 1800s.

Name - John D.Smerdon
That is a very nice web site! The next time I am updating the web site I will include your family tree.

Name - Peter Smerdon
Hello Simon
I've just seen your family tree on Bev Petersen's home page.
I come from Plymouth, Devon and have a tree back to about 1700. Thomas (1825 - 1885 was my grandfather's cousin ! I recently discovered Michael in Adelaide and have exchanged trees discovered that we are third cousins once removed - at least that is what my computer tells me. I don't know what that makes you and I but we must be some sort of cousin.

Name - PIAA Uk
Dear Eileen & Family
A quick message from IT guy here at PIAA. Had a look at your familys web page, and very impressed by its standard and quaility. Great page to look around.

Name - Don SmerdonSimon,
I have had a brief look at your updated web page.
Wow! It even showed me the correct time and date in Kyabram.

Don Name - Nick Smith
Great Site !
Name - Kristin
This is by far the most entertaining website that I've ever seen! :) My stomach hurt after viewing the mad cow! Keep up the good work, and thanks for a good laugh! :)
Name - Cindi Rasmussen:
This is a really great site. It puts a little fun in lives during such a terrible time.
Name - Alain Depreux:
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your site is precious beyond words, but my grin muscles will be aching in the morning!!!
Name - Rik
The missing dollar puzzle is driving me mad what is the answer??? Please I'm going insane!! Ps The website rules!!!!!!
Finally there is a website with 100% gold quality. Me and my mates love it and frequently visit and laugh at all the jokes and witty , clever humour.

Bravo -Rik

Name - Peter Horsman
This has to be one the most entertaining sites that I have found please keep up the good standard you have already achieved.


To leave a message please click on Contact Form