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Tracy's great grandfather CECIL "JIM" BEGENT was born August 1, 1858 in Brighton, Sussex, England, and maried MARY ANNE HALL July 23, 1881 in Parish Church, Saltwood, Kent, England. In 1882 they emigrated to the USA first to Kansas and afterwards the family moved to Washington State. Her Begent line goes back to John Begent who married Abigail Coller in 1776 in Hougham, Kent, England

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 BEGENT He married ABIGAIL COLLER April 14, 1776 in Hougham, Kent, England.


i. ELIZABETH BEGENT, b. May 1790, Sevington, Kent, England.

ii. JOHN BEGENT, b. Abt. 1791, Brabourne, Kent, England; d. Aft. 1851; m. HANNAH DIAMOND, October 25, 1820, Brabourne Parish, Kent, England; b. Abt. 1794, unk.

2. iii. STEPHEN BEGENT, b. Abt. 1800, Kent, England; d. 1892.


Generation No. 2

2. STEPHEN2 BEGENT (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1800 in Kent, England, and died 1892. He married SARAH TAYLOR(?). She was born 1811, and died December 17, 1874 in Saltwood, Kent, England.

Children of STEPHEN BEGENT and SARAH TAYLOR(?) are:

i. SARAH BEGENT, b. Abt. 1827, Hythe, Kent, England.

3. ii. SAMUEL BEGENT, b. October 18, 1828, Hythe, Kent, England; d. Everett, WA, USA.

iii. MARY ANN BEGENT, b. November 15, 1830, Hythe, Kent, England.

iv. ALFRED BEGENT, b. March 28, 1833, Hythe, Kent, England; d. 1888, Maidstone, Kent England.

v. JOHN BEGENT, b. January 17, 1835, Hythe, Kent, England.

vi. HENRY BEGENT, b. June 30, 1837, Hythe, Kent, England.

vii. WILLIAM BEGENT, b. 1839, Hythe, Kent, England.

viii. CHARLOTTE BEGENT, b. 1841, Hythe, Kent, England; d. September 1845.

ix. HARRIET BEGENT, b. 1843, Postling, Kent, England.

x. ELIZA BEGENT, b. 1844, Hythe, Kent, England; m. unknown PRICE.

xi. CHARLOTTE BEGENT, b. 1846, Saltwood or Hythe, Kent, England.

xii. STEPHEN BEGENT, b. 1848, Saltwood, Kent, England; d. January 1852.

xiii. JAMES BEGENT, b. 1849, Saltwood, Kent, England; d. 1927, East Ashford District, Kent, England.

4. xiv. ELLEN BEGENT, b. 1852, Saltwood, Kent, England; d. October 28, 1919.

xv. CHARLES BEGENT, b. 1854, Saltwood, Kent, England; d. 1907, Maidstone, Kent England.

xvi. LOUISA BEGENT, b. 1855, Saltwood, Kent, England.


Generation No. 3

3. SAMUEL BEGENT (STEPHEN2, JOHN1) was born October 18, 1828 in Hythe, Kent, England, and died in Everett, WA, USA. He married (1) SARAH LOVE January 23, 1853 in Tonbridge Wells. She was born June 14, 1829 in Battle (Sussex?), and died May 1, 1860 in Battle Sussex.

Children of SAMUEL BEGENT and SARAH LOVE are:

i. SAMUEL TAYLOR "SAM" BEGENT, b. August 13, 1854, # 4 New Model Dwelling, Brighton, Sussex.

ii. LOUIS STEPHEN "LOU" BEGENT, b. October 8, 1856, # 4 Richmon Hill, Brighton, Sussex; d. December 1, 1948.

5. iii. CECIL "JIM" BEGENT, b. August 1, 1858, Brighton, Sussex, England; d. December 27, 1944, Everett, WA, USA.

4. ELLEN BEGENT (STEPHEN2, JOHN1) was born 1852 in Saltwood, Kent, England, and died October 28, 1919. She married FRANK LARKINS. He was born Abt. 1853 in Woolwich.


i. CHARLOTTE E LARKINS, b. Abt. 1880, Nonnington.


Generation No. 4

5. CECIL "JIM" BEGENT (SAMUEL3, STEPHEN2, JOHN1) was born August 1, 1858 in Brighton, Sussex, England, and died December 27, 1944 in Everett, WA, USA. He married MARY ANNE HALL July 23, 1881 in Parish Church, Saltwood, Kent, England. She was born April 4, 1861 in Folkestone, Kent, England, and died March 9, 1943.

Children of CECIL BEGENT and MARY HALL are:

6. i. ALICE ELIZABETH BEGENT, b. September 27, 1882, Burlingame, Osage Co, KS; d. March 28, 1968, Mount Vernon (Hospital).

ii. LOUIS BEGENT, b. November 10, 1883, Burlingame, Osage Co, KS; d. October 3, 1885, Burlingame, Osage Co, KS.

iii. NELLE HELEN BEGENT, b. February 16, 1887, Burlingame, Osage Co, KS; d. November 15, 1969, Bremerton, WA, USA; m. SHERMAN KIRK, Everett, WA, USA.

iv. MARY ANN BEGENT, b. December 17, 1888, Burlingame, Osage Co, KS; d. May 30, 1978, Everett, WA, USA; m. VERN LUTHER CIMMERY, San Diego, CA; b. September 24, 1890; d. February 20, 1962.

v. REBIE CECELIA BEGENT, b. February 20, 1899, Burlingame, Osage Co, KS; d. September 8, 1938, Bremerton, Kitsap Co, WA, USA; m. UNKNOWN SMITH.


Generation No. 5

6. ALICE ELIZABETH BEGENT (CECIL "JIM"4, SAMUEL3, STEPHEN2, JOHN1) was born September 27, 1882 in Burlingame, Osage Co, KS, and died March 28, 1968 in Mount Vernon (Hospital). She married PLEASANT CASTILLER HALL April 4, 1907 in Everett, WA, USA. He was born October 11, 1878 in Stevenson, Jackson Co, AL, and died April 29, 1947 in Everett General Hospital, Everett, WA, USA.


i. CHARLES CECIL HALL, b. April 23, 1910, Everett, WA, USA; d. 1987, Everett, WA, USA; m. GEORGIA ETHYL WARD, June 20, 1937, Tacoma, WA, USA; b. December 31, 1909, NY?; d. July 1984, Stanwood, WA, USA.

ii. MARJORIE JANE HALL, b. May 22, 1915, Everett, WA, USA; d. November 19, 1964, Everett, WA, USA.

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