All about the Game

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The object of this game is to be the first player who rolls a total of 100 points or the player with the most points if no one has reached 100 points by the end of the game.

How to Play

Follow these steps to play the game:

  1. Click on the Roll button.
    The pigs land a certain way giving you a score for that roll. See the scoring table on the game page for all possible rolls.

  2. Click on the Roll button again to try and get more points.
    Click on the Pass the Pigs button if you are satisfied with your roll.

The Rules

  • If you roll a "Pig Out" your turn is over and you lose all your points for that turn.
  • If you roll an "Oinker" you lose all of your points, including any accrued from previous turns.
  • If a player accumulates 100 points before the 10th round, all other players are allowed to finish out that round before the winner is declared.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why I am not able to view or play the game?
    A. You might have to check the preferences section in your browser to make sure that the option to view Java applets is turned on, or your browser may be incapable of showing Java applets.

    Q. I've noticed that snouters and leaning jowlers don't appear that often. Why is that?
    A. This game plays just like the real Pass the Pigs game. The odds of when a player would actually roll a leaning jowler or a snouter were calculated and incorporated into this game.

    Q. I just got an oinker and it only shows that I currently have zero points, but it didn't wipe out the points before that. Why not?
    A. Just like the real game, this game will only wipe out your current points. You do have zero points, but there is no need to change all of your points in your previous rounds to zero.

    Q. The computer just beat me again, does it cheat?
    A. No. Many players lose because they can't do math or get too emotional during the game. The computer does not have these problems and is therefore a tough opponent. You can change the computer level by clicking on the Options button.

    Q. In the real game you can "Hog Call" and get points by guessing the roll an opponent will get before they roll. How do you do that in this game?
    A. That is an optional rule which is not included in this game. Real pigs players stick to the basics.

    Q. Where is the Piggyback or Makin' Bacon position where one pig balances on top of the other?
    A. I could lie and tell you that it's in the game but very rarely happens and you wouldn't know any better, but that's not my style. I've never seen it in real life and it is currently not in this game.